Livin’ the Dream Brew Crew

Welcome to the brew crew! We’re excited to share our brewery and the brewing experience. On this page you’ll learn a little about what you need to do and what you should expect from our brew day. If you haven’t already contacted us, please reach out at [email protected], let us know what month(s) and days work best for you and your brew crew, and we’ll get you in here to make some beer!

What to Expect

Your Livin’ the Dream brewing experience kicks off at 9am and generally wraps up around 3pm.

We’ll start with a quick tour, the process and talk about what we’re going to brew that day, as well as going over some housekeeping. It’s not only important that you have a great time, but you and your crew have a safe time while you’re here.

We’ll have grain ready for milling, and water ready for mashing in and cleaning the fermenter we’ll be using. We’ll break your crew up into groups each with different responsibilities, overseen by the brew master.

You and your crew can be as involved in the process as you’d like. No one is required to do anything more than they feel comfortable with.

We’ll break for lunch and more beers somewhere around noon, typically while we’re transferring from the mash to the kettle. Our go-to is ordering pizza from nearby, for obvious reasons. Please let us know if anyone in your crew has dietary restrictions.

Brew days typically wrap up around 3pm while the boil is finishing up. Each member of your brew crew can select a 16oz 4-pack of beer to take home for your hard work – or if this is a custom brewing experience, you’ll get a 4-pack of the beer you brewed once it’s ready.

What to Wear

This is a production brewery. There are splatters, goo, dust and sticky things.


It’s important you wear clothing you’re okay with getting any or all of those things on. Shorts are typically not recommended.


Even more important, is making sure you and your crew are wearing shoes that aren’t slippery. The floor will be wet throughout the process! No open-toed shoes or sandals should be worn.


Freshly milled grain is best for making a beer, however, the dust kicked off by the grain mill isn’t best for breathing. We have masks on site, however, if you’ve got one of those designer masks you’ve hung onto from COVID times, feel free to bring it. You’re only required to wear a mask when milling (and those who feel more comfortable wearing a mask at all times are certainly welcome to do so).

Everything Else

We encourage you and your crew to ask questions, take photos and are welcome to share your experience online/on social media if you choose. If you have questions in the meantime, leading up to your brew day, please feel free to contact us or even stop by and we’ll be happy to answer them!

We’re looking forward to brewing with you!

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