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Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.

– Mark Twain

Doire, pronounced “dwar-ay”, comes from a 6th century old Irish word meaning “oak grove” or “oak wood”. We are a family-owned 125 gallon pot still craft distillery, creating unique offerings from scratch in downtown Derry, New Hampshire. We figured if we were going to make whiskey, we may as well do it in a town settled by the Irish.

Our Story

Andy Day & Alana Wentworth, owners of Cask & Vine, founded and opened Doire in August of 2018, becoming Derry’s first craft distillery. Having been involved in the craft beer and small winery scene through The Drinkery, a bottle shop located under the old Tupelo Music Hall and experiencing the budding beer scene all around them, they opted to add a new reason to visit the historic downtown: Craft Spirits.

Like most distilleries, Doire opened up offering clear and lightly-aged spirits including their first product, a high-test rum aptly named “01” – simultaneously paying homage to the “Duke Boys” who ran illegal ‘shine in Hazzard county – and a staple of any kid who grew up in the 1980s.

Doire quickly began to expand it’s offerings to include a collection of botanical gins, rum and vodka. “Tapping” into their local relationships, a series dubbed “Single Cut” was a white-whiskey collaborative effort with well-established breweries including Kelsen Brewing Company and Martha’s Exchange. As these whiskeys were released, Doire had the opportunity to begin laying down barrel-aging projects which included a peated whiskey, Irish single malt, bourbon and most recently a 100% Malt Rye whiskey.

Our Spirits

Doire’s tasting room offers flights of spirits and retail to-go. You can find some of our products in New Hampshire liquor outlets and at select on-premise locations.

NH Liquor Outlet

01 ‘Moonshine’ 120 proof 750ml
Sugarshine 80 proof 750ml
“The Flush” Gin 90 proof 750ml
3 Queens Gin 90 proof 750ml


01 ‘Moonshine’ 120 proof 375ml
“The Flush” Gin 90 proof 375ml | 750ml
3 Jackss Gin 90 proof 375ml | 750ml
3 Queens Gin 90 proof 375ml | 750ml
3 Kings Gin 90 proof 375ml | 750ml
Spud Slight Vodka 80 proof 750ml – sold out
Parlay Double Barrel Rum 80 proof 750ml
Here There Be Rum 80 proof 750ml
Daygave Agave spirits Blanco 86 proof 750ml
Daygave Agave spirits Reposado 86 proof 750ml
Daygave Agave spirits Finish Line Reposado 86 proof 750ml
Daygave Agave spirits Anejo 86 proof 750ml

Limited In-House

55/35/10 Bourbon 80 proof 50ml – sold out
Irish Single Malt 80 proof 50ml | 375ml – sold out
rePeat Prototype Whisky 375ml | 750ml – sold out
100% Rye 750ml – sold out
Sanders English Malt Whiskey 750ml – Low

Joe Malt Whiskey 750ml


After less than 2 years being open, Doire took 2 bronze medals in the American Distiller’s Institute spirit competition. ADI’s judging is the largest and most respected competition dedicated to craft spirits. Doire Spud Slight Vodka and Prototype Peated Whisky were among some of the winners of the 2020 competition, seen here.

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A Look Inside

Small Production Wine, Spirits, Beer & Casual Dining

1 1/2 East Broadway

Derry, New Hampshire 03038