Derry After Dark

Derry After Dark 2019

Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.

Derry After Dark began as an idea between a handful of business owners, a town councilor and the desire to create a fun downtown Derry event. It wouldn’t be brought to life until some years later. No one involved ever expected it to become the community event it has become.

About Derry After Dark

Derry after Dark is a collection of a dozen eateries, around 40 breweries and handful of small business/non-profit organizations converging on Manning street one Saturday night a year for the biggest block-party Derry has ever hosted. Derry After Dark coincides with Derryfest, giving Derry an incredible day of getting out, supporting business and being a community.


Derry After Dark generates income from a combination of ticket sales, sponsors and vendor fees. In addition to ticket sales, 5% of physical tickets are donated to various charities and organizations to help with their individual fundraisers/community efforts. Proceeds from sales help pay for the event, including fencing, lighting, beer, police and fire detail, potties, ice licensing and various supplies. Proceeds above and beyond the event have been spread across various charities, community-centric organizations and projects to better the town of Derry.

Thrive Outdoors

Year-one we donated money to Thrive-Outdoors, specifically their TAG program. This allowed a handful of under-privileged teens attend a weekend retreat where they would learn both survival and leadership skills.

Friends of the Meetinghouse

Year-Two we donated money to the Friends of the Meetinghouse. This organization has spearheaded the reconstruction of the historic East Derry Parish church in addition to providing incredible services and events to our community.

Downtown Derry Murals

Year-Three we combined money along with Derry economic grant money to begin a multi-phase project to beautify downtown, and more specifically to provide more reasons for people both in and out of our community to visit/enjoy the rail trail.

More Community

With the support of the community and the excitement behind Derry After Dark, we have been able to raise awareness of our small businesses, bring additional revenue into town and help organizations like the Sonshine Soup Kitchen with donations from the ticketing event itself.

Tickets, Covid-19 and ’21

Tickets were sold-out for the 2020 festival and upon realizing that 2020 wouldn’t happen, patrons were given the opportunity to return their tickets for a refund or hold onto them for the following year’s festival. Just twenty tickets were returned out of nearly 1,200. If that doesn’t speak volumes about the support behind this event, we don’t know what does. The event is scheduled for the third Saturday in September, 2021.

We have set aside tickets for the Derry Artisan Farmer’s Market in hopes of their return and continuing to use the popularity of the event to drive shoppers to this incredible downtown market. Additional tickets have been donated to various organizations, all in hope for seeing this event take place this September. We’ll keep you posted here, and on our Facebook page as the year unfolds. Be well!

Thanks for the incredible support!

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