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I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons (or D&D) in my 30s. My younger self had heard of it, but dismissed it as some nerdy pencil-and-paper dice rolling game. Boy was I missing out. I owe a “thank you” to Joe D for introducing this amazing game to me. Better late than never, right? If […]


Vander stood in the morning sunlight in the grass-covered backyard of his parents’ estate with his right arm outstretched. His silken off-white sleeve was pulled slightly back to prevent its ruffles from interfering with his hand movements. Vander’s purple eyes narrowed. “Fructum manu mea.” A translucent skeleton hand appeared in front of him. Vander winces […]

Chapter 1 | Journeying North

It was about 9 o’clock in the morning when Zuri made her way into the market square to setup in her usual spot. The street was already bustling with activity as the morning sun warmed her soft fair skin. Music filled the streets and mother’s called after children to stay close-by as they shopped. Zuri […]

Chapter 2 | A Fork In The Road

The Petruador Plains.  Plains.  “There couldn’t be a more appropriate name” said Khalia as the caravan pushed forward. “Couldn’t be a more appropriate name for what, Khalia?” asked Dack, who was walking just a few steps in front of the 7-foot tall cat-woman. Had she said that out loud?  It had been an incredibly boring […]